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Below is a list of parrot rescues by state and then by country. If you want to adopt a parrot or get rid of a parrot, contact the shelter closest to you.



Sometimes life takes unexpected turns that leave you unable to keep up with a parrot’s needs. Maybe you simply bought a parrot on impulse and have since realized that you don’t have the patience or resources to keep the animal. What ever the case may be, you have several good options available to you but first I’d like to tell you what not to do:

Do not release a captive parrot into the wild! It will most likely die and though this may sound harsh, it can be even worse if it survives. Captive parrots that have been released into the wild can meet up with others, mate, and become invasive species. They can potentially spread foreign diseases to local birds and even take over prime nesting spots in local ecosystems.

Quaker parrots, also called monk parakeets, are among the only parrots that build nests. Their nests are huge and enable them to live in a wide variety of climates. Parrots that were released into the wild have grown in numbers throughout the United States and have caused thousands of dollars of damage to power companies by building nests on power lines. As a result, thousands of birds have been trapped and killed.

It’s sad that power companies have resorted to this sort of behavior but as pet owners we all need to realize that the problem started because of us and that we are the ones with the power to prevent this sort of thing from happening in the future.

Instead, if you need to get rid of your parrot, do one of the following:

Give your parrot to a parrot rescue

There are places that take in parrots all across the United States so that they can be re-homed. These organizations typically sell the birds at a low cost to families that have proven them selves capable of parrot keeping. Giving to a trusted bird shelter is the probably the best way to ensure that your parrot will eventually go to a great home. Keep in mind however that many of their birds will never be re-homed. Very few people are willing to take in a second hand bird.

See our list of bird rescues to find a place in your local area.

Sell your parrot through classified ads

You can find people interested in buying your parrot by posting a classified ad in a paper or on a website. You can interview the person and make sure they have a suitable home for the animal.

Keep in mind that it will be hard to get a good price for your bird, especially if the animal has behavior problems. You may be better off giving the bird to a shelter instead.

Give or sell your parrot to a pet shop

Chose a shop that you know takes good care of its animals and that goes out of its way to educate potential buyers.

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