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Parrot Q&A

Yep, Parrots do have ears

Many people who have never had close contact with birds don’t know that they have ears because they’re normally hidden underfeathers. (more…)

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A Cuddle Bone (actually spelled cuttlebone) is a hard bone-like structure found within a sea creature called a cuttlefish. It’s used in bird cages as a calcium supplement and chew toy. (more…)

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At least as long as you can

If the temperature is decent and your bird has plenty of food in and water in his travel cage than he can last all day on the road. (more…)

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Parrots Poop about every 10-40 minutes

How often do parrots poop? This might sound like a silly question to ask but new bird owners have written in time and time again with this question. (more…)

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