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Wild Parrots of San Francisco

Wild Parrots of San Francisco

The mission of this website is to build a community of experienced and novice bird owners who can assist each other in the life changing hobby of parrot keeping. The website is empty now but will soon be full of articles and videos that will carefully explain all of the basics of parrot keeping, along with providing you with a forum where you will be able to communicate with other bird owners around the world to bounce new ideas off their heads and even pioneer new ventures in parrot keeping.

Our hope is that this site will always be a place with a special spirit of camaraderie. A place where people can come to receive helpful and friendly advice from other members of the bird community.

Upcoming site features

  • Parrot Species – Read a short article and watch a collection of videos about each kind of parrot currently available in the pet trade. The articles along with the videos will be able to help you chose the best bird for you and your family.
  • Parrot Product Reviews – Read short articles or watch short videos about different parrot products from bird food, to cages, to training DVDs.
  • Training – Watch a series of training videos created website producer Jon Perry and his sun conure parrot Apollo. Jon and Apollo will go over the basics of bird training to assist you as you get started with your bird.
  • Tips and Tricks – Watch some short videos and read some short articles that will give you some powerful but simple advice to help you get the most out of your relationship with your bird.
  • Parrot Projects – Learn to make your own bird toys, perches, aviaries and more. These videos are great for you to do at home or for groups or those who run bird clubs and need activities for club meetings.

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